Vegan Tacos

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What to put on Your Vegan Taco

Make Your Own Taco night is fun at our house!  My kids love picking out different ingredients to add to theirs and many times it encourages them to try adding something new.   We always use organic shells and wraps and although I’d like to get super-healthy with Romaine wraps instead, the kids just didn’t respond well the few meals I did try that.  The important thing is to get them to eat a variety of plant-strong foods, so sometimes I ditch being super strict in favor of them actually enjoying the meal.

Our favorite ingredients are…

Fresh corn scraped from the cob, colorful tomatoes, bell peppers, cooked onion and garlic, cooked black beans, sautéed mushrooms, Tofutti sour cream, avocadoes, salsa, meatless tofu “meat” ( I add a taco seasoning when we make this).


What to put on Your Vegan Taco

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